Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today I am going to sew. I am determined. I haven't been up to my sewing room since the end of September; it's been over a month and I've missed it. Too much going on. Sigh. Maybe sewing something--anything--will help bring me out of this melancholy state that I'm in.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Quilt Festival, 2009

Amy, at Park City Girl is hosting another online quilt show. Lots of beautiful quilts to enjoy on a rainy day like today! There is a whole lineup of fun prizes for those who enter too! Last year I won a gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics...I used some of my new fabric to make pj pants...and well, I still have the other pieces waiting to use someday!

Regular readers will recognize this quilt from a few weeks ago, but it was my favorite one that I made this year, so here are the pictures again for my entry in the Quilt Festival!

Wild Critter Quilt, made for my special friend who is having her first baby!
Thanks for letting me share these again!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pink Stuff

Every year during the Christmas holidays I make a simple salad-dessert that we call "Pink Stuff." Basically, I just mix a container of cottage cheese with a container of Cool Whip and then add 1/4 of a small package of cherry Jello powder. Sometimes I also add halved maraschino cherries or a handful of small marshmallows. Chill, serve, and enjoy!

This past month I've been sewing Pink Stuff for Emily. I thought I should get more mileage out of the pink thread still on my sewing machine, serger, and coverstitch machine from when I sewed the pink hooded jacket and matching pants, so I just kept sewing more pink stuff. I even sewed a little top for Jessica's baby, and I still hope to make coordinating pink pants.

Cross-Front Top, design #9 from Ottobre 03/2004,
sewn in cotton stretch velour, size 104 for 4-year-old Emily

raglan-sleeve T-shirt from Ottobre 01/2006, design #17, size 110, sewn in thin jersey knit from Hobby Lobby

This top has a wide neckline band, hem band, and sleeve cuffs. The only change I made to the pattern was to lengthen the top by 2 inches.
Size 110, Ottobre 03/2004 design #26.

This top is for almost-1-year-old Marie, sewn in the same interlock knit
as Emily's knit top. Cross-Front Top, design #9 from Ottobre 03/2004,
size 80 (18 months)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Yard-Of-The-Month Sweepstakes

A publicist from Storey Publishing recently contacted me about a new book that is getting ready to be released, One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yanker and Patricia Hoskins. I'm going to be reviewing the book here and previewing some of the best projects from it very soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to be sure and pass on the info about an awesome yard-of-the-moth sweepstakes Storey Publishing is holding right now. Who wouldn't love to receive a yard of fabric, every month, for an entire year?? Check it out HERE.

I'll be back soon with more pictures and projects from this fun new book!

Monday, October 05, 2009

McCalls 5470 Blouse

McCalls 5470
This was a fun, somewhat trendy, fairly fast blouse to sew up. I made it out of a checked homespun type shirting material that I got from

This pattern definitely runs big. I made the size 6 and still took out 2 inches total from the circumference of the top (1/2inch out of each side front and side back pieces), and after all that, it was still a bit blousey. There definitely isn't a lot of fitting in the design of this one.

The pictures are from a little trip my honey and I took last month. We stayed one night in a beautiful Victorian bed and breakfast for a special treat.

Time alone at Alexander Bed and Breakfast was just the thing to renew our relationship and bring some rest into our busy lives. The front porch was so lovely. We spent part of the morning on the porch watching the light rain, just sitting and chatting with eachother. Mmm...I wish I could go back right now!


What to do with empty spools?

Do you save your empty thread spools? I don't throw them away because they just seem like they should be useful for something, don't you think? Plus they are kind of fun to collect...they almost seem like some sort of sewing badge of's fun to think "I sewed through 10 spools of thread this year".

I don't think Mom ever threw hers out either, because I remember playing with her box of empty spools as a kid. We would pretend they were people, and the little ones were babies and the tallest ones were daddies. Maybe that's why I can't throw them would almost be like murdering little spool people.

Do you still save your empty spools, Mom?

My kids seem to think they are wonderful, so maybe that's the best use for empty spools afterall, something that entertains toddlers while Mama sews!

I'd love to hear your thread spool thoughts!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Marie Madeline Giveaway Correction

I just realized my link to Marie Madeline Studios in the previous post was a completely different link. Sorry for the confusion! Lesson learned: always check links before publishing!

Here's the correct link to Marie Madeline's fabric store. Check out their beautiful fabrics! I have such a soft spot for anything girly and rosy, and they specialize in girlyness!

Here's the link to the $35 gift certificate giveaway on Melinda's blog. Be sure and mention that I send you...that gives me another entry in the giveaway too. =)

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, October 02, 2009

A reader giveaway!

One of our lovely readers, Melinda, just e-mailed me about a fun fabric giveaway she is doing...the winner receives $35 worth of fabric from Marie Madeline Studios!! I've not ordered yet from Marie Madeline, but their website is lovely and the have the most beautiful selection of fabrics.

Head over HERE to check it out and enter to win. Per the rules, you are supposed to give the name of the person who sent you, so be sure and mention my name (Jessica) in your comment!

Hurry! This giveaway goes through Tuesday the 6th.

Have a great day!