Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not a Sewing Wonder

One question I am frequently asked is, "Where do you find the time to sew?” I’m afraid I don’t really have the answer, because lately I have not had time to sew. You’ll notice that my last post was dated May 7th---dear readers, it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve sewn!

I am always amazed, embarrassed, encouraged, and slightly amused (what a mixture of emotions) at the reaction I get from people who read this blog---and believe me, this is not one of the popular, high-profile sewing blogs (nor do I wish it to be). I am often asked in a voice of awe and wonder where I find the time to sew, to homeschool, to play my oboe, to clean my house, to do the laundry, and so forth.

People, I do not spend all my time in the sewing room. :) My house is usually messy, and I’m doing well if I get to the mountains of laundry at least once a week (I refuse to do laundry on a daily basis but have one day set aside as “laundry day”). As for my oboe playing, at my best I am just a mediocre oboist—no illusions of grandeur there. (But hey, if anybody wants to buy me a Loree oboe, I won’t refuse such a gift!)

I do love to sew, and I do wish I had more time for sewing. But such is life, and I’m not complaining. One of these days I hope to graduate from sewing children’s clothing to sewing more for myself. Yes, I occasionally attempt to sew for me, and I’ve even posted a few of the garments I’ve made myself. But truth be told, I rarely wear what I sew for myself. I don’t know enough about fitting and alterations to make a garment fit me right; and I don’t take the time to learn. See…really, I am not a sewing wonder.

Change of topic---remember the quilt top I made over a month ago? Yesterday, instead of cleaning house, I took the time to finish the quilt. I’m so excited about this quilt---it’s for me, a lap quilt, for when I want to settle in on the couch with a good book or movie (and coffee!). The size is 42” by 60” and just the perfect size to snuggle with.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to those who regularly comment. You are all so encouraging.

Quilt Front

Quilt Back

My Buffet Oboe

Friday, May 07, 2010

Ooga Booga and Bananas

What does Ooga Booga have to do with bananas? Nothing really. For that matter, the only thing in this post having to do with bananas is the color of the twill fabric I used for Emily's capri pants. I don't even like bananas unless they're baked in banana bread, but that's beside the point.

So what is the point of this post? I sewed! Yep, I sewed and it sure felt nice!

This yellow "ooga booga'' fabric has been in my stash for several years and wouldn't you know, I had the perfect color of rib knit to use for the binding. The top is from the Summer 3/2008 issue of Ottobre, design #12, the 'Strawberry Tunic." (These details are for you fellow-Otto fanatics).

I made this pattern for Emily
2 years ago; I liked it then, and I like it now. This particular pattern runs big, and so I again made a size 98 when I am now sewing a size 110 or 116 for Emily. I did make the neckline bigger to fit over Emily's head. The only other change I made was to insert a strip of ribbing into the front yoke seam.

The pants are from the Summer 3/2009 issue of Ottobre, design #23, the "Bert Bermudas." Last summer I made
these shorts in denim for my son. This year I made the same pattern, same size, in BANANA twill for Emily. :) I used my sewing machine to free-style embroidery an Ooga Booga on one of the back pockets.

Hopefully this will be the start of summer sewing for Emily. I know these yellow pants will not stay clean for long, so this outfit will be one of her 'nice outfits.' I plan on sewing 2-3 pairs of denim shorts for everyday play. I'm not one to do assembly line sewing, but I think I just might use the same pattern and sew several pairs of identical Bermuda shorts. Stay tuned....