Saturday, November 07, 2009

One-Yard Wonders Book Review

A couple weeks ago I shared that Storey Publishing sent me the advance pages of their newest (and coolest!) sewing book, One-Yard Wonders, by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, to review for you guys.

Most of the time, with these type of crafty project books I'm content to flip through them in the bookstore, not needing to buy, because seriously, most of the time the patterns either aren't things I will make, or are for simple crafts that I really don't need a pattern for (really, how hard is it to make a potholder!). I have to really, really like a book and KNOW that I will use more then one or two of the patterns before I will spend the money.

First off, this is a big book, 101 sewing patterns and projects in all...and each uses
just 1 yard of fabric. Sure a few of them might seem a bit cheesy, but there really is not a lot of fluff with these patterns. With projects to decorate your home, organize your crafts, give as baby gifts, update your wardrobe from head to toe, accessorize your little ones and entertain your kids, the list goes on and on. There is even a chapter with projects you can make for your pets!

Things I love about this book:

*Lots of fun gift ideas to sew up (101 to be exact!).

*Each project uses just 1 yard of fabric...what a great way to use up all those fun fabrics I hoard!

*The projects seem fairly fast and easy without being too simple. There is a range of sewing levels.

*This book would be great for projects to sew together with a friend.

*Finally, I really, really love how the publishers showcased lots of fun, modern fabrics in the projects and book design. Lots of gorgeous photos and lots of fabrics and designers that I recognize and love....Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt, Joel Dewberry, Erin McMorris, etc.

Below are three of my favorite projects from the book. Photos are by John Gruen and used with permission of Storey Publishing, LLC.

You can see a few more of the items from this book on facebook, HERE and HERE.

The Flouncy Bag blew me away. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I turned the page and saw this one. I have to make one!! There is quite a nice selection of different bags and purses, even a few kid sized ones. I wish I could show off them all!

Next, I thought this child's firefighter hat was too cute, and so original! I can see making these for birthday favors for a fireman-themed birthday party.

Finally, the Pleated Girly Skirt, made me smile. I can definitely see one of these in my little girl's wardrobe future. I love how it's got the tailored pleats, but still has the ease of an elastic waistband.
One-Yard Wonders was just released at the end of October and should be available in bookstores and online. It's only $14.07 on

Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Thank you so much for this review...this book is on my Christmas list. :)

  2. This seems like such a great book. I am like you and usually look at these books and think "Who needs a book to do that?" maybe get an idea, but not buy! This one seems like a keeper!

  3. I read your review and found this book! its adorable and there are some really great projects! I'm a new sewist so smaller projects feel more manageable to me and this is a great read! Thanks!

  4. Jessica, have you made anything from this book yet? I'd like to see it next time I see you. Love you!

  5. Sending you a book to review just sold a copy! I MUST have it now! I rarely see a sewing book in the stores I want to buy, for all the same points you made. Thanks for the review!