Thursday, November 12, 2009

A reader needs feedback for sewing organization design project:

Hey guys, can you take a moment and help out another reader with her design project?

Here's what she writes:

"My name is Yasmine R. Currently an Industrial Design senior at Columbus College of Art & Design, I am working on designing a product that will organize sewing accessories for those with very limited space such as room mate situations, small apartments, or just no sewing room. I want the product to be portable, ergonomic, and easily store.

I am trying to get information from a variety of sources, have set up my first survey, and was wondering if anyone could distribute the link or give me contacts for interviews. Because I am a college student, most of the people who sew are in the fashion department of our school and would give me skewed results. I need info from all age groups, incomes, and so on."

You can click right HERE to access her survey. I'm sure Yasmine would appreciate any comments or feedback in the comments as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with!

Thanks for your help here!!


  1. Hey!

    I'm new to sewing and trying to figure out how to sew in a bunch of gathers to a yoke. I was searching the internet abyss for the info and found your site. I am subbing, as I think I can probably learn a lot from you.



  2. Jessica - I'd like to provide some feedback to Yasmine on her survey, and the categories she is giving. Can you act as a go between to introduce us? Back in the day I did some survey writing, and want to give her some feedback based on that experience as well as my inability to participate, due to the tight responses required...

    thanks, Lori in MN

  3. Faith, Thank you! If you have any specific questions, send an e-mail and one of us will try to get back with you.

    Lori, I just sent you a comment on your blog!

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  5. I have posted a couple of blog awards for you! You can visit my blog if you should like to participate.

    Many blessings!
    ~Chloe~ :)