Saturday, November 28, 2009

Simplicity 2474

Life is busy. Preparing for the two classes I teach once a week at a home school co-op and practicing my oboe take up much of my time. Add that to normal life, home schooling, household duties, kids' activities, being a wife and mother...and there's little time left for sewing. I love my life, my family, and the things we do that keep us busy. But I do miss the relaxation and enjoyment that comes from sewing.

Yes, my sewing time has been sporadic for the past several months. I almost feel like I don't remember how to sew anymore. So with that in mind, I chose this simple pattern to mark my hopeful return to more-frequent sewing.

The pattern is Simplicity 2474, and I made view A, the simple cardigan pictured in the center of the envelope front. I wish I could remember what type of knit fabric I used. I don't, but it has a soft drape and hand, and it came from Joann's. It is a double knit, but not as stiff or heavy as a ponte double knit. It may be Joann's "sew classic" line, but I'm not sure. Can anybody help me out here? :)

I lengthened the sleeves on the jacket, but kept the cuffs. I haven't decided if I like the cuffs on the full-length sleeves, and I may take them off. No other changes were made to the pattern. I sewed a size 10 (the smallest size the pattern comes) with no alterations. I'll post another picture of the cardigan after I wear it for the first time.

Sewing this easy jacket makes me want to sew more. Yay! Yesterday I also finished a little pleated skirt for Emily, and I cut out the pattern pieces for another jacket for me (Simplicity 2701). Did I practice my oboe? No. Did I do the laundry (2 hampers full!)? No. Did I prepare my lesson plans for next Monday? No. But, yes, I sewed! Happy day.

Ruth : )


  1. Good for you! This is really cute! Does the dress start at a size 10 too? When we were over the other day I saw the pattern sitting out and thought the dress was really cute. Not if the smallest is a 10 though. =(

  2. Lovely. I can totally relate to having little time to sew since I homeschool as well. I'm excited for you that you got to squeeze in some sewing time.

  3. I know how you feel, I can honestly say the longer I go without sewing I to feel like I forget how to sew. so it's really nice to get some
    sewing time in :)

  4. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Cute jacket, and I really like the one on the left too.

  5. Some times you have to let those things slide in order to take time to refuel.. sewing refuels me and helps gets me centered when chaos (life) abounds! I hope your little sewing break has lifted you and given you some much needed YOU time. Every mom/wife needs that and we generally forget about us. Blessings- Linda

  6. Oh, that's what all the sewing I"m learning has to do with - homeschool activities. Our Civil War stuff.

    I am going to try a frock coat next, for my 13 year old son. Then a hooded cape for myself. I hope to get these two things done in a week. We go caroling in our costumes next Friday and it's going to be only in the 30's!

    That jacket is really cute!


  7. Love the colour. And it looks so soft. Great work!

  8. Very cute, Ruth~ you will get a lot of wear from this during the holidays for sure! I'm sure you will get back to sewing when your life permits. When I was too busy to sew (school administrator, mom, wife, etc) I used to tell DH that my new hobby was collecting fabric and patterns--and it was for a few years!


  9. I like it very much! Can we see it on you? :-)

    Glad you had (I mean made) time to sew. It always seems that way doesn't it? There's never enough time to do everything....