Saturday, November 07, 2009

Play dates and sewing projects

About a year ago a special friend of mine moved to another state, and at that point I really had a hard time with her leaving...One of the reasons this girlfriend was so much fun was that she was a kindred crafty spirit...we'd gotten together and done some craft and sewing projects, and it was just so much fun.

I've missed's been somewhat hard to keep in touch when you can't just hit your favorite consignment stores together or get together to whip up cookies on a whim.

Anyway, the Lord is so good and I'm so thankful that in this last year He has brought another crafty friend into my life...someone I can talk about fabric with!! (among other things!)

Anyway, my friend Becca has Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross, and we've been working through a few of the projects together on our semi-regular play dates. I love this book...another one for my wish list!

First off, we made the baby bloomers pattern, Rudy's Bloomers. This was my first time to use elastic thread in the bobbin to make the leg gathers, and it was so easy. I can't wait to do something with elastic thread again. So simple!

Next we made the Everything Tote. These took 2 sessions...we can only sew so long with the kiddos!

We both plan to use them as library book bags. I go to the library almost every week and this bag is perfectly sized for bunches of books!
Note to anyone thinking about making this pattern. The instructions state that you need 1/2 yard of each fabric, outer and lining...WRONG! I am so glad we both had plenty of fabric because these babies took a lot more then 1/2 yard. The tote by itself is wider then 18 inches, the width of a 1/2 yard cut, and then you have to cut out the long handle pieces on the bias and that takes quite a bit of fabric. Just a warning on this one...otherwise, it is really cute!!

The kids always have lots of fun playing, fighting, sharing, eating and even crafting together too!



  1. Looks like a great book. I know what you mean about having a crafty friend to craft and chat with...My wonderful sister is too far away but I'm blessed with a few where I live now :)

  2. a few crafty friends that is :)

  3. I'm still praying that God will bless me with some crafty friends that I can get together with and sew. That is so wonderful for you. Those bags are really cute.

  4. Jessica, so glad you found a crafty friend to sew and talk fabric with. I know how you feel. I left PA to move to IL 4 and a half years ago and I had to leave a good friend behind that likes to antique shop and do crafty things. Still prayig for a friend like that here.
    I checked out Heather Ross' book from the library and found the everything tote instructions for the handles to be a bit vague to udnerstand. Did you and your friend find putting the straps on to be difficult or not?

  5. Yes, Cheryl! The instructions for the handles were vague...I read them multiple times, figured out basically how they went on, and then just did them my own way. I felt bad for my friend who is a new to sewing, because I kept telling her "we're going to do this differently.."

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for answering my question. Glad to know I am not the only one that felt they were vague. I quilt, so I figured when I decide to make the bag, I probably will put it on like traditional binding would be done.
    I love how both your bags turned out.
    Have a blessed week. : )

  7. A crafty friend is so nice to have. I so know what you mean. The bloomers are super sweet!

  8. I just made the everyday tote bag as well! That thing is huge. We plan on using it as a library tote too. But you are right about needing alot more than is listed. I also found that with the PJ bottoms when you start going up in sizes.

  9. You have just put words to my thoughts! I was just thinking about how to set up something similar. I'm so inspired! Time to get on the phone and set up a cratfy play date!

  10. i LOVE that book. got it not long ago so i havent made anything yet. i heard about that yardage thing on another blog found her site that gives the new info too. i LOVE LOVE your blog thanks for sharing all of it. I WISH i had a crafting friend.