Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Signature Styles Book Review and Giveaway!

Since Mom and I started this blog (over 5 years ago!) there has been a huge online explosion of sewing blogs and crafty inspiration.  I've definitely made the rounds on the internet reading various sewing and craft blogs, and over the years I've cheered as some of my favorite craft bloggers have grown in their styles and made careers for themselves with published books, patterns, and fabric lines. The amount of inspiration and creativity out there is amazing....and sometimes dizzying!
Signature Styles by Jenny Doh takes 20 such amazingly talented women and gives the reader a glimpse into their creative stories as they've forged their own styles and created a handmade career for themselves.  Each chapter is basically a tour of her studio and life, and features lots of cool tibits about the essence of that crafter's personal style, techniques she's known for, and how she got to the place she is at now.  I especially love how this book blends fashion and crafting, showing how each artist creates her personal style with her crafts and by the way she dresses.
 There are lots of gorgeous photos to drool over...

At the end of each chapter is an exclusive project from that particular crafter....lots of fun accessory items, bags, clothing, and even an adorable pair of baby pants!

 If you've ever wanted a peek into a fellow crafter's life and find out what inspires and drives them to create, then this is the book for you!  Lark Crafts has graciously offered me a copy of Signature Styles to review and one to give away.  Leave a comment and share who or what inspires you to create and craft...this can be something personal from your own life or just a link to another craft blog that you love!

I'll draw a winner next Tuesday...one week from today.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Signature Styles Book Review and Giveaway Coming Soon!

oooh, we have another book review and giveaway coming soon...can't wait to share with you!!

Check back sometime at the end of next week... for Signature Styles


Happy Mother's Day!

So thankful for my Mom...thankful we are friends and sewing buddies.  
Love you, Mom!  

"No girl can ever truly appreciate her mother until she has children of her own and find herself loving, planning, sacrificing for them.  Then she can understand how her mother felt and will be grateful and humble and appreciative in proportion."  

Mary Brooks Picken from Vintage Notions

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Simplicity 2692 Revisited

Recently I made a dress for Ellen from the same pattern I had used for the bridesmaid dress I sewed this past January. Ellen picked out the gauze fabric at Hancock's and persuaded me to make this dress for Easter. The dress went together quickly this second time around, and we were both excited and pleased about the finished garment. As much as Ellen likes this dress, I can guarantee that it will be worn a lot this summer. :)

You can read a full review of the dress here.


(Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. I don't yet know how to use the new lens on my camera.)