Friday, January 06, 2006


We are making progress on the bridesmaid dress...My friend Tonya (who is also one of my bridesmaids!) spent the last two days helping me sew. Thank you Tonya! You are the BEST!

Dress #1 is done except for the hem, Dress # 2 is almost done. It needs the sleeves put in, the lining sewn down by hand, and the hem finished. Dress # 3 needs the most work. We got it cut out today and got the bodice sewn together.

I'm definitely learning a lot...I think I could sew princess seams in my sleep now! And I can do them without pins!
I'm also learning how important it is to make muslins of the pattern before cutting the fashion fabric. We had to make different alterations for all three girls and we wouldn't have known that without a practice bodice. We discovered that my one sister is very short waisted and that Tonya is broad across the back, and we discovered ways to fix the patterns to fit them. That was pretty exciting for me. I'm going to have the prettiest bridesmaids in the world!


  1. How fun! I remember sewing my bridesmaids dresses and how much I learned about fitting (we had everything from tall and large to shorter and tiny, with every fitting variation in between). Also made my wedding dress which was challenging and insane, but in a good way ;-)

    Nice blog, BTW!

  2. Just discovered your blog. I have also found muslins to be extremely useful -- am working on three different jacket muslins this weekend. Good luck on the dresses and hope no one gains (or loses) a ton of weight before the wedding.