Friday, July 07, 2006

Cheery Cherry Apron

Every woman needs at least one apron even if she never wears it. An apron with cherries on it would be particularly fitting for a certain somebody who never wears aprons but might wear one during cherry season (if she had one). With that in mind, I just had to make a cherry-topped apron for this special person---you know who you are. :-)

Since cherries can be so messy to work with, I thought this style of apron would provide a good cover-up. I made the same pattern as Jessica's apron and the same view, but I did not put the ties on. I did lower the neckline by several inches, but I think it needs scooped even more. The apron went together easily enough and I plan to make it again. I'm glad that Jessica challenged me to make an apron, and I think now I need to challenge her to finish the one she started. :-)



  1. I love the apron! Very cute!

  2. I love the apron, SOOOOOO CUTE!

  3. Is it me????? Is it me?????? Makes a person wonder!!! Haha!!! yep, Ok I admit , I could use an apron, nothing like having to get cherry stains out of your shirt cuz your a slob when pitting them or even eating them.....Its very pertiful(beautiful)


  4. Tree, Read the comments under Jessica's "Apron Challenge" post.

    Okay, if you really want an apron, lol, then pick a view from the picture that Jessica showed on her post and I'll make you one, too. :-)

    It's rather fun making aprons.

  5. Is it me? Is it me? YEAHHHHHHH IT IS ME!!!! :o)At least I think it is me.
    A rather lovely apron if I do say so myself! I couldn't have done a better job. I was even thinking of making one out of craps, taping it together and taking a picture as if I had sewn one. I am sure a professional would be able to tell I didn't sew it just by the picture. :o) really really do love me! (as said in my tweety bird voice)

  6. oh darn and here I thought it was me :( wahhhhhhhhhhhh.... Just kidding, I just pitted 17 lbs of cherries and could of used an apron.. Nothing like cherry juice on clothes.. Good thing Stacy does the laundry....haha

  7. Okay, Cherry-Stained Sister of Mine, which view do you like best for your future apron? Do I get to pick the fabric?

  8. Ruth, I actually like the apron with a bib that you have decided to do.. but would it make me look fatter? I DONT Need any help in that area :( wish I could hire someone to walk on my treadmill for me but me lose the weight... and Yes, you can pick the fabric, you know fabric better then I... BTW, I am going to make 3 cigar box purses for my bunko ladies, I will send pictures after I get them done. I only have til next monday to do them and I still havnt gotten the stuff ... LOL