Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knitting in the Storm

The ice storm that came 5 days ago has given me a good excuse to stay home and knit, knit, knit. When it's cold outside I just want to stay inside where it's warm. I'm making good progress on the gifts mentioned in an earlier post, and just for fun I knit a tiny pair of baby socks using a free pattern off the internet. Jessica, I don't think you will want these trial socks since they are pink; however, I may knit some blue socks this evening while curled up in my comfy chair and watching a good movie.

In the past few weeks I also sewed a baby quilt and thoroughly made a big mess in my sewing room in the process. :o) Jessica inadvertantly found out about the quilt, but she doesn't know what it looks like. I'll post pictures after I give it to her at her baby shower. The baby shower was scheduled for last Sunday but was then postponed until this coming Sunday. With another storm forcasted to come this weekend I wonder if the shower will be postponed yet again. Can you believe it, Jessica's and Justin's baby is due in 4 weeks! I can't wait to meet my first grandson!

I'm posting some pictures of the ice storm. The snow and ice here are nothing like we experienced in Colorado. It seems so strange to see everything encased in ice.... if we had ice skates we could literally go skating on the driveway. Schools have been cancelled all week and are closed tomorrow as well. Having Mark home from his school makes it hard for us to continue with our home school, but we do try. :-)

Stay safe and keep warm,


  1. Neat ice pictures! We don't have any ice on our trees at all here! Yep, you could go skating down our street if you wanted to! Dad and I went to Walmart tonight and the parking lot was like a skating rink all over!
    Sorry for rambling on about the weather......

    I have been knitting a little; I'm making a purse for myself and a scarf for a friends birthday. Unfortunatly, our house doesn't seem to be very warm. I'm tired of the freezing weather and having to stay home so much!
    Ending now..... rambling too much tonight.....
    Stay warm!

  2. Neat pics! I have a beautiful pic of the ice storm here:
    Cute little socks!

  3. What adorable baby booties!!

    The pictures of the ice are so pretty, but wow, is that much ice scary...