Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Dresses


3 Sisters

Ellen's Dress: Simplicity 3902, size 10, lengthened to size 12 in bodice and skirt.
Changes made: I lined the bodice instead of using a facing. I didn't follow the instructions for applying the lace; I sewed the lace ends into the seams instead of just turning them under and tacking them down. This dress went together quickly and easily. I was a bit worried about mitering the lace around the neck edge and getting the lace ends to line up evenly, but everything worked out right the first try! I even finished the dress 2 days before Easter. :-)

Emily's Dress: The pattern is Ellen McCarn's Basic Yoke pattern in a size 2. The smocking pattern is my own adaption of "Christy," also by Ellen McCarn. Even with a six-inch hem, the dress is a bit too long on Emmy. However, the bodice width is just right. If Emily slims down by next year it will probably still fit her then.



  1. Your daughters are beautiful! The dresses you made are pretty too! I love the smocking! Someday, someday, I'll try my hand at smocking! =)

  2. wow those dresses are simply beautiful!

  3. Emily's dress turned out beautiful. Your talents amaze me. The lace added alot, and the smocking is beautiful.

  4. Ruth,

    Both dresses are beautiful!!!! The smocking on Emily's dress is gorgeous and I agree with Michele, the lace added an additional element of beauty!!! This was fun encouraging each other to dig that old pleater out. I am thinking of starting another smocking project in the near future.

    Also you asked if I had a puff iron for the, I don't. I did not even iron the sleeves on these dresses. The pattern is cut in such a way to make them so puffy. However, you probably know this but, in the past I have sprayed spray starch into the inside of the sleeve and then turned on a hair dryer and and dried it (shooting the air into the sleeve). I really puffs up the sleeves. Great trick!!! What's your next project???? Blessings!

  5. Ruth, The dresses turned out so beautifully!! Your girls are so pretty!

    Love, Heather

  6. they are both gorgeous, would love to learn to smock -do you have your own pleater?

  7. Thank you all for the encouraging comments about the dresses.

    Tammy and Celaine, you really should learn to smock. It's very enjoyable!

    Cindy, Thank you for motivating me along and getting me re-acquainted with my pleater and smocking!

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  9. Ellen you look so beutiful in your dress. I wonder who helped pick out the material :).