Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rated E for Excellent!

Pam at Off The Cuff Style recently gave us a blog award...a badge of Excellence. I am so honored to receive the badge! Pam's kind words about our blog really blew me away. Thanks, Pam!

Here's a few of my favorite sewing blogs that definitely deserve a badge of excellence. If they so desire, they can pass along the award to any blogs they feel deserve it. Enjoy!

Christina at Assorted Notions makes the most awesome stylish clothes! I'm envious of her style and her ability to sew so well with knit fabrics.

Cindy's blog, Sew Blessed, is such a sweet and refreshing place to stop by. She does beautiful work, and I always enjoy seeing the fun sewing and craft projects she does for and with her little girls.

Another blog that I enjoy is On Pins and Needles. Michele kind of reminds me of Mom...never without a project in the works, and always sewing for her large and happy family.


I echo Jessica's words of appreciation to Pam for her kind words about our blog. I love reading Pam's blog and have learned so much from her!

Many of my favorite sewing blogs have already been awarded this Badge of Excellence, but I'll add a few more:

Summerset at Pins and Needles sews some amazing garments, many from vintage patterns. Summerset's attention to details makes her sewing so extraordinary--her garments look fabulous on the inside as well as on the outside.

Another of my favorite blogs is Stitches and Seams. I would never have learned how to use my coverstitch machine without Debbie's coverstitch tutorials. Debbie is such a talented seamstress!

I like to read Astrid's blog, Connecting the Dots, not just for her beautiful photography, but also for the cute little outfits she makes for her children. Her Ottobre outfits, in particular are simply adorable!

Happy sewing,


  1. Thanks! I'm flattered to be among such great company :)

  2. Ruth - thank you so much! I'm flattered and honoured that you would want to nominate me for such a price! Thank you! :)

  3. Congratulation on the award you so deserve it!

  4. Jessica and Ruth...thanks so much!!! You both are so kind!!!