Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sewing with a plan

Last week my serger chomped a scrap of fabric, broke a needle, and then jammed up. After the jam was cleared up, the poor serger clunkety-clunked, and nothing I could do remedied the situation. T'was a sad day for me because I was in the middle of sewing myself a T-shirt.

After a week at the repair spa, my serger is now as good as new. :)

Well, instead of sewing this week, I made plans to sew. Little Emily is growing to be not-so-little, and she needs some bigger clothes. What's a mother to do? ---buy fabric! Some of this fabric came from my shelves, but I found the blue corduroy on sale at Hancocks today. Knowing how Emmy's eyes sparkle when she wears blue I just couldn't resist buying just enough to make her a jumper.

I can't wait to get started. This evening I traced my patterns, prewashed the fabric, and made some plans. I don't usually draw things out, but you know, it was rather fun. I may continue the practice....

Unfortunately, I probably won't get to my sewing machine until Tuesday, but that's how life is sometimes. Good things have to wait.

Yes, I'm rambling. :) Time to end.

happy sewing,


  1. I think it's fun to draw out your ideas, too. It also helps me sometimes when I just can't picture in my head exactly what I want.

  2. Wonderful sketches, good luck with the sewing.

  3. Look at your wonderful sketches - if I could draw so good...

    Looks like you have lots of fun stuff cooking - can't wait to see. :-)

    Hope your machine enjoyed it's spa treatment and stays happy for a good long time.

  4. I love your drawings and comments! And I love the bag you made me for the Pay It Forward meme so much! Even my dh commented on it the other day because I use it to carry my "extra" stuff with me all the time. He said he thought it was great because it was so handy to use and so well made and sturdy. We love making things ourselves that lasts longer than the cheap things you can get from the store.

  5. You prewash the fabric after you cut it? Does that mean that you cut it a size too big? How does that work? Help please my sewing guru!

  6. Ariane,
    "Sewing guru"---lol! Lori and Melissa who commented are much more the sewing gurus than I! :)

    To explain---I do not cut my pattern pieces out of the fabric before washing the fabric. I washed the fabric as whole yardage.

    Since I use patterns that are multi-sized,I trace the patterns pieces in the sizes I need onto tracing paper.

    I should have said, "I traced the pattern pieces onto tracing paper,prewashed the fabric, and made some plans."

  7. I have some of the same plans/patterns...but I haven't drawn it out. Maybe that's what i need to be doing while I'm waiting for my knee to heal!

  8. Thanks for the info. I really should start doing that.

    If you don't like sewing guru could I use My Sewing Obi-Wan instead? *wink*

    - Ariane

  9. Could you give me more info on Ottobre? I'm really interested in it, not sure how to go about ordering it. How much does it cost for a year's subscription?


  10. I do that often. I have little drawing everywhere. I seriously need to put them in a binder so i don't lose them. When I do lose them i draw a nother version and then i find the orignal after i've already sewn my project.