Saturday, January 31, 2009

This, That, and the Other

THIS: Not a whole lot of sewing happening at my place, but I did spend some time in my sewing room today trying to clean up and organize a bit. My next sewing project--unless I change my mind--will be Vogue 8480. I've been reading reviews at Pattern Review and have gotten some good ideas, mainly using a Hong Kong finish for the inside seams since the jacket is not lined. I already have the fabric washed and ready to go--a navy blue twill.

Vogue 8480

THAT: I sewed these two dresses (pictured below) in December for a friend's daughters. My friend just recently sent me the picture of her girls with her permission to post it here. The dresses were both sewn from McCalls 9424. I've made this pattern in the past for my own daughters, and let me tell you, from my experience costume patterns run big. Very big. But the girls were delighted with their new dresses, and so was their mom. The girls enjoy reading Little House on the Prairie, and they are happy to have their own Laura Ingalls dresses.

McCalls 9424

The Other: It always delights me when other bloggers give their commendations to this SewChic blog. Recently both Pamela and Fiona awarded Sew Chic the Kreative Blogger Award, and you can imagine how encouraging this is to both Jessica and me. Pam and Fiona are wonderful seamstresses and I enjoy reading their blogs and seeing their projects. Thank you, Pam and Fiona, for this award.


  1. Mom, I'm so glad the dresses came out so well. They are cute!

  2. Great minds think alike because I made the same pattern - in just about the same colours last month too! Yours however are much much better.

  3. My girls are always totally ok with costumes being big. The already get the idea that it just means they will get to wear them longer. I really enjoyed looking at your quilts. Thanks for sharing!