Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McCalls 5791

I still haven't gotten any good pictures of Marie in her Easter dress.  I completely missed the boat with taking them Easter morning before we left and the few snapshots I got after church, she has was so grumpy looking...anyway, the pattern was McCalls 5791.

(Mom, Katie, and Miss Grumpy!)
I love this dress!  It's has a super full skirt and a few different options for personalizing.  I made the sleeveless option and added tucks to the front bodice to give it a bit of design detail.  Overall, I wanted it to be pretty simple because of the fabric...I adore the fabric...a soft pastel vintage style rose print.  I felt like it really made the dress.
(The only happy picture I could get was when she was in the bouncy house after the church potluck. She thought that was amazing!  Fabric is a Tanya Whelan print from Marie Madeline Fabrics.)

 I finished the dancewear shrugs I was working on for my teacher friend.  Oh my goodness...my new coverstitch made sewing this material a breeze!  I couldn't believe the difference it made in hemming around the tops and bottoms of these...and they look so professional!!  Now that I've finished these, I'm looking forward to working on some projects for myself and the kids using knits.

Last, I have to share a couple of kid pictures!  This week we were so blessed by our neighbors who gave us this swing for the kids...they are in heaven!! First thing after breakfast, we have to go outside and swing!  The swing on the left is just the right heigth for Elliot to get onto it by himself and even swing himself a bit.  Of course, he prefers Mom to push him. =)
Happy Spring!!

(Elliot has been spending lots of time playing with his little tractors in the back of my little garden bed. I am planting herbs in the front part of it, and the back part is his "dirt box" for now.)


  1. Such a sweet dress! and even with her grumpy face she's pretty cute :)

    I love your swing set too! My kids would love to have one of those.

  2. Oh,I love Marie's grumpy face...makes me want to kiss her pudgy little cheeks!

    The shrug looks great. How many did you sew?

    Call me tomorrow. Love you bunches!

  3. The dress is beautiful. Marie looks adorable grumpy. Sometimes those are the best pictures. She'll have fun looking at those when she's older.

  4. What an adorable dress - it's perfect. Even if she's grumpy, she's cute.

  5. What a beautiful dress. Of course your daughter is such a cutie!

  6. Cute dress! Do you use an iron after you finish, or do you use a steamer on the full skirt?


  7. John, I just ironed the skirt really well before I sewed it to the bodice, and then touched it up. Now that she's worn it though, it's REALLY wrinkly. A steamer would be nice. =)

  8. Question: Did you make the bloomers? If so, how did you attach the bias tape to the leg edges?