Friday, June 18, 2010

Bloggy Meet Up

Something wonderful happened yesterday; my daughter, Ellen, and I got to meet Lori from Girls in the Garden and her two 15 year old daughters! We met at Oklahoma Quiltworks in the city and Lori and I talked and talked and talked. Then we went for lunch and talked some more. I'm afraid we didn't give the girls much chance to talk because Lori and I just didn't stop. It was so fun! Afterwards, I realized that our conversation was not very sewing related---and I had so many sewing/fabric questions I wanted to ask Lori!

If you've ever listened to Lori's Sew Forth Now podcast, you know how informative and interesting it is. I think I've listened to every episode Lori has made, and I am eagerly awaiting the next. Hint, hint, Lori! Well, I guess I'll give you time to get home from your trip before expecting another podcast. :-) It sure was nice to meet you and your girls; thank you for taking the time to meet up!


  1. What a nice thing to happen.


  2. Sew wonderful. Now I've started following Lori's blog. Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh how fun!! Dang I wish I was closer to the city!

  4. It was so fun and great to meet you and Ellen.