Friday, February 10, 2012

Front Seat Knitting

Sewing has taken a back seat to knitting in my life this winter. I do miss the sewing, but I am certainly enjoying the knitting!

This afghan has been hibernating in my closet for 2 years now. I started it in 2008, but recently pulled it out and resumed knitting. And now I'm excited to finish it! Just this week I completed 8 more blocks. I'm now halfway through, and I'm determined that this time I won't stop knitting until it's finished.

Pattern: Rambling Rows Afghan by Cottage Creations.
Yarn: Vanna's Choice by Lion Brand

I'll close with a picture of my youngest daughter modeling a hat that was a super-quick and fun knit.

Pattern: Cute Noggin Baby Hat
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease


  1. What a pretty afghan. I do like to pick up a needle once in a while so I can knit or crochet. Sitting at my machine for long hours can get tiring. Cute hat too!

  2. My husband is knitting an afghan from this pattern right now for our daughter who will be having a baby girl on Tuesday (C-section)! He's knitting it in girly colors which will match her room. He made one five years ago for our first grandson in a more masculine scheme. Your colors are lovely.

  3. Becka, Do you have a Ravelry link to your husband's afghans? I'd love to see them. :)

    Thanks for the comment

  4. My husband has never posted pictures on Ravelry, but I'll try to post a picture on my blog when he finishes this one and let you know about it. :)

  5. I love your afghan, both the pattern and the colors. The cute little girl AND the hat are adorable!

  6. I really need to get on with making baby quilts (need to use up my stash as my craft room will be turned into a nursery soon!) but it's so nice to keep knitting garter stitch baby blankets - warm across your knees as you make them!

  7. I always love to see knitting! The hat is cute with wonderful colors and I like the rustic tones of your afghan. That will be a warm treat when it is finished!