Monday, April 09, 2012

McCall's 5838

Trying to get a picture of Emily without a fake smile was difficult yesterday when I took these. But here she is, in all her princess glory, wearing the dress I sewed for Easter.

The pattern:
McCall's 5838, size 6.

The fabric:
cotton that has aged in my stash for upwards of 10 years. (Heather, do you remember the purple version I made you when you were about 12?)

This pattern runs big. The bodice is wide, and the straps are too long, in my opinion. Keep that in mind if you ever make this dress.

To make the dress work for Emily, I shortened the straps. The bodice is still big, but at least the dress is wearable.

The dress length was made to Emily's specifications...long. She told me she loves her new dress, and I can see her wearing it a lot this summer.

Trisha, you commented that you used this same pattern for Rachel's dress. I'd love to see your version! :)

Happy Sewing,


  1. I like it! Too bad it was too big. Did you take up the strap so that you can take it down again next year? :-)

  2. Love this dress, and it looks great on your daughter! I'm thinking the contrast band could be a smocked panel, too.

  3. I love it. Ahnalin wants me to buy that pattern for her. Thanks for the sizing tips because I will need them too. Happy Easter!

  4. It's very pretty! My daughter has growing room in her Easter dress too. :)

  5. I had the blue floral fabric in my stash a long time ago also, I think we made night gowns out of it. Very pretty dress, I love the pink with it.

  6. The dress is beautiful on her!

  7. Ruth, that is such a darling dress, beautiful job.

  8. Love the top and the dress turned out so cute! I made the same pattern for my daughter this year and took out 4" of length from each strap - and the bodice was too wide as well (ended up stitching some clear elastic onto the gathered seam, it took up the extra). Even with the adjustments, the pattern is a keeper!

  9. I need to take Rachel's apart and make the straps shorter by at least 2". I think I cut the longer size on the real material and used the smaller size on the muslin. Oops. Even though I did a muslin it's still a little big around in the bodice (did I goof again?). Since my girl is very tall (and skinny and very narrow in the shoulders) I added length to the skirt but I wished I would have added a little more. I just prefer the longer dresses. I'll look for the picture and email it to ya.

    I think it looks fabulous on your Emily! Good job

  10. She's so cute. This blog is one of my favorite blogs. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.