Monday, May 27, 2013

Ottobre 4/2012 Skirt and Top

In which we don't comb our hair and we grow weeds in flower pots.... 

Taking a good photo today was just impossible.  She consented happily as long as I didn't fix her hair.  But then the sun shone too brightly, and along came Jinx to distract her. But who can resist a cute kitty?

The outfit was cut out last fall....and restarted (and almost finished!) a few months ago.  I think I've been knitting too often that I forgot how to sew.  I first had trouble with the  long sleeves (cut them off short, but still too long, so cut them off some more), then the binder attachment on my coverstitch machine gave me fits, and then my elastic thread was so old that the shirring at the waist refused to cooperate.  Finally, today, I finished the shirring with new elastic, added two snaps to the skirt, and ta da, the outfit is done. Big smile.  And now I want to sew all the things.  Maybe it's time for a knitting hiatus....

The Patterns:  Ottobre Autumn 4/2012
The Top:  Visiting Granny, design #31
Size: 128, (European sizing)
The Skirt: Spinning Around, design #32
Size 128, lengthened

(the brown skirt fabric has tiny polka dots, but they do weird things in the photos)
the pic from the magazine:


  1. Very cute outfit! And cute little model. I never would have noticed the hair or weeds. :)

  2. I haven't been doing too much sewing of the clothing variety lately either. I know I am getting rusty!

    The outfit looks great despite the difficulties. Hopefully the next round of sewing goes smoothly!

  3. I love this! Especially the hair not brushed and weeds in the pot because that happens here, too. I keep wanting to make this one and now it is definitely on my 5th grader's sewing list. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing tween girl clothing that is age appropriate and sweet but not cutesy.

  4. oh and what fabric did you use for the skirt??

  5. Very cute outfit, I would of never guess you had any trouble at all.

  6. Ha, my first thought was that the photo was "edgy". It seems the kids in the "boutique" kids' clothes magazines always have wind-blown hair, and the garden background adds to that.

    Very sweet outfit!

  7. Darling outfit! And of course the knit "cat" top is perfect for her.:)