Monday, January 16, 2006

Diaper Jargon

The three bridesmaids' dresses that we are making are finished except for the hems. We had some fitting issues with Heather's dress, so it took longer than we anticipated. Jessica is starting The Dress today.

I did manage to catch a little bit of sewing time to make Emily some new diapers. I just love using cloth diapers on Emily! Strange, I know, to most people. I'm thankful for my good cloth-diaper-loving friend, Tricia. We encourage and support each other in our habit. :-) She is so generous and recently gave me a bunch of covers that her Emma has outgrown. I have been putting them to good use! Thanks, Tricia!

The diapers I just made Emily are pocket diapers with a microfleece inner layer, a pul outer layer, aplix closures, laundry tabs, crossover tab, t&t without the topstitching, and a microfiber insert. I realize that most of this diaper jargon won't be comprehensible to many of you unless you use cloth diapers too--- kind of like a secret language for cloth diaper users!

I'm posting pictures of Emily and her new diapers, and also a picture of the knotted dolls that Tricia made from the same pattern I used. Tricia used flannel for her dolls and I think they are adorable.

off to see if Jessica needs help on The Dress.


  1. I loved using cloth diapers with my two boys! Especially having piles of prefolds to use for all kinds of things now. I never got a chance to use most of the fancier all in ones or fitted diapers (little money or energy due to a high needs child), but the few I had were so cool to use. Those diapers look wonderful!

  2. Mel looks so cute!!!!