Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Which Sleeve???????

Taking a poll.......

Which sleeve do you think looks best? Please comment with your opinion.

Jessica and I have been working on the bridesmaids' dresses before starting her wedding dress. This dress is almost finished except for the bodice lining, the sleeves and the hem. We are trying to decide on the sleeve style, and so far we have mixed opinions. Okay, please help us decide!



  1. If you had asked me before I saw it I would have said the opaque - with the extra fabric layer underneath the sheer. But looking at it, I prefer the sheer. It's a lovely dress.

  2. I vote for the unlined version, too, unless the wedding is going to be in the dead of winter. But for a nice spring wedding...yeah, unlined ;)

  3. the sheer- it's more "wedding-y" :)

    Lindsey in AL (from NMSL)

  4. I say unlined too!! I love the color!! I cant wait to come!!! WOoohoooo

    Love ya,


  5. Jessica go for the sheer! It looks much more delicate!
    BTW Katie--your dress is beautiful!

  6. At first I preferred the fabric under the sheer but after looking again, I now prefer the sheer.
    The dress looks lovely !!!!!!Gina

  7. I think the sheer is more delicate. Sheer for me . ;}

  8. I like the extra fabric layer best. The sheer just looks too cold and revealing, especially for March, which in my mind is cold and cloudy, but then in Michigan March is winter and I can't get that out of my mind.


  9. The dress is turning out so nice! I like the sheer. I think it looks dressier. One down...one to go!

  10. I love the color and I really like the Sheer sleeve!

  11. Megan BullockFebruary 16, 2006

    I would say the sheer sleeve because they look a little like the brides sleeves!