Monday, February 27, 2006

Ellie's "grown-up" dress

I finished Ellen's dress last week. No problems with sewing it, but I think I want to take in the shoulder area since it's too big there. I should have done a better job fitting it to her before sewing. It won't be hard to fix it, but I sure don't like having to do things twice. Really, I shouldn't have been in such a hurry the first time around!

Ellen is very happy with her "grown-up" dress. I would have preferred a poofy, fru-fru little girl's dress, but my 10 year old Ellie is ready to grow up. When we picked out the pattern together, she vetoed anything with gathers or puffs. I barely got by with adding the tulip sleeves since the pattern called for no sleeves. Overall, I'm happy with the dress and it does look nice on Ellen.



  1. I love the color of the "grown-up" dress. Tell Ellen that I think it is a very cute dress especially with the tulip sleeves! You'll have to add a necklace to finish it off. I always think the Oscar gowns look unfinished without a jewel. A million dollar diamond would be great but a simple chain pendant would be perfect!

  2. Very nice! It looks so much nicer than any store bought dress, and what a great color on her! Excellent job.