Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Veil link

Yesterday I was finally able to finish the veil for my dress. It is big, it is poofy, it is white, and it is beautiful. Everything a veil should be. It is two layers, but I don't plan to use the blusher over my face. It will be worn at the top of the back of my head. I want some hair in front showing, but I don't want the veil too low either.

I had a hard time deciding what kind of trim to finish the cut edge with...I did samples with the serger, with a zig-zag stitch, with narrow 1/8" satin ribbion and with 1/4" organza ribbon. I finally decided to go with the organza trim because the most people liked it, and I felt like it echoed the organza overlay of the skirt. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures right now....maybe later.

The only thing I'm worried about is that it seems a little heavy for the clear plastic comb I sewed it only, and I'm afraid that it's not going to stay put very well. I'm having nightmares of the veil falling off as I walk down the aisle. The lady that is going to do my hair for the wedding is coming tomorrow to practice, and I'm hoping that she'll have some good ideas for anchoring it to my head!

I did some internet research before I started, and I really didn't find that many really helpful websites. This link was the best and most helpful one that I could find. There were lots of places that sold veils with good pictures of the various trim and fullness options but very few that told how to actually plan it and sew it to the comb. I think I was making it a bigger deal then it really was, because it really was quite easy once I did it. Maybe I should start making veils and selling them on e-bay. =)

11 more days!!!!!!

lots of love,


  1. Hello! I've finally got you on my site:


    You should totally sell veils on eBay. Someone here in Pittsburgh has their own store and sells cheap, unfinished veils for 60-85 dollars each. And she's still in business! Crazy.

  2. Oh! One more thing. My sister's mantilla veil was secured by a plain old hair clip- you know, the kind to smooth out your hair when it's in a ponytail? This is it:

    Mantillas are heavy and she was wearing it very low on her head- and it stayed put all night. It wasn't more than an inch long, too.You might want to sew it to a clip instead of a comb.

  3. What a beautiful veil. So its only 8
    days till your wedding. Don't get nerous.