Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vintage towel apron

Several months ago I found this adorable old tea-towel at a thrift store for 99 cents. What a deal! I knew it would be perfect for an apron and I finally got around to sewing it up.

I love the print...the little country animals and tools make me happy.

What I like best about it is that it's made from a tea-towel so I don't feel funny about wiping my hand on it or getting it dirty. It'll be easy to throw in the wash with the other towels.

To make it, I simply attached fabric tie and a matching pocket (more for cuteness then practicality). I put two little box pleats in the front of the towel for a little fullness but I've seen them without that too.

On another note, we got a dresser for our bedroom!!!! I am so happy. The amazing thing about it is that we weren't planning on buying a dresser that day...we just happened to drop in at the Salvation Army one day, and they had just gotten this dresser in the very day before, and we could afford it, and we both liked it! I think it was God working all that together to answer my unspoken prayers and longings for a dresser. I can't wait to get all my clothes out of the closets and organized into it.

It's a really nice big dresser with lots of drawers and it fits perfectly along the empty wall in our bedroom. It's solid hardwood and is wonderful shape.


  1. Your apron turned out so cute, Jessica! I'm glad you finally finished it.
    The dresser --I *love* it! That's thrilling ya'll found it.
    Love you and see you Friday~
    -your sister~

  2. Very cute apron Jessica.

  3. its very cute. what happened to your cousins, bonnys, blog?

  4. Anonymous, I don't know what happened to Bonny's first blog, but she did start a new one...

  5. Jess, take a look at this apron made from towels........

  6. BTW, I love your new dresser!

  7. J & J, I really like your new dresser. It looks like it is in excellent condition. Congrats on your good find!!!
    Love, Olla

  8. Love the apron fabric! You got a nice dresser from Sally-Salvation Army. I work for Goodwill, so we call our friendly competitor-Sally.Shopping at Salvation Army or Goodwill not only provides the shopper with a great bargain but the funds from the sales helps so many people.

  9. Linda,
    When I was a girl we bought a lot of our clothes at the Salvation Army. My sisters and I would tell our friends that we bought our clothes at "Sally's" as if it was a special boutique store or something. I think we were too embarrassed to say we shopped at thrift stores. Lol, I like shopping at thrift stores now.