Friday, August 25, 2006

Serger Thread Sale

Hancock Fabrics is having a 3-day sale through the 26th, and I went shopping. The only thing I came home with was 5 spools of serger thread. Regularly $2.99, the Maxi-lock serger thread is on sale for $1.77, and I stocked up on white and black. It seems like these are the colors I use for almost everything I serge. I do have other colors and I do switch out my serger threads occasionally to something besides white or black, but for the most part that's what I use.

I once read somewhere that if you serged with gray, the thread would blend into most every fabric with exception to
bright solid colors of fabric. I tried that once, but you know, I do not like the color gray, and sewing with gray serger thread did not make me happy. So now I use mostly white and black with the occasional switch to other colors to match a specific fabric. And that makes me happy. :-)

I'm curious to know what color(s) of serger thread other sewers use most. Do you change colors for every project? Do you ever use regular thread on your serger to get a good color match, or do you only use serger thread?

By the way, if you sign up for Hancock's newsletter you will receive coupons by email. For the current sale I received a coupon for $10 off a $35 purchase (which I did not use since I did not spend $35). If anybody wants the coupon, let me know and I'll forward it to you. The coupon is good through Saturday.



  1. I can't take advantage of the Hancock's sale as our Hancock's has just closed forever (Nashville/Madison, TN). Don't know why--I've shopped there for years and years. Anyway, I usually match my serger colors for a more finished look. I have two boxes of sorted colors, usually 3 or 4 cones of each color, so can usually come pretty close to my garment fabric when sewing. The good news is: that is a lot of thread and it will last a very long time.

  2. I just recently found out that there is a Hancock in my area. I suppose I could have looked in a phone book...I will have to sign up, thanks for the link.

    I have black and white serger thread. I don't like changing it so unless the fabric is just too dark for white, I use white!

  3. When I had a serger, I usually tried to use thread as close as I could get on a cone. As for the grey thread blending in, I think tan or beige works better...I do it with piecing quilts at times.

    Sure do wish we had a Hancock's closer than 2 hours away. I cannot buy any decent appearal fabric without a drive or special order.

  4. I mostly use black and white. When I feel like I use a different color in the needles. Very rarely do I match all four colors then.

  5. I like to try to match colors, but usually I'll just come as close as I can in a cone for the loopers, then use 2 spools of regular sewing thread (that do match) for the needles.

    And I try not to change colors for every project but instead to sew in color "batches." Sometimes that means that my serger thread and topstitching thread don't match, but I'm not a stickler for that all the time. :)

  6. I like to try to blend colors with the fabric. I do and have used gray a lot as I heard the same as you that gray will blend with most fabrics. I think that is true. I use beige/cream thread a lot as I think that works well with lighter fabric colors.

    I try to take advantage of serger thread sales. When I lived in PA, there was a fabric store that I went to that had specials all the time so I have lots of colors currently.

  7. Nice to meet ya'll!
    I went to the Hancock's in Yukon and stocked up on the same thread. It's a little far to go stock up during their big sale this weekend, but may try anyway...a girl can always NEEd more stuff!

  8. I have an extensive collection of serger cone threads, at least three in each color (so far), and plan to purchase more colors as projects warrant. I am one of those who has to match the serger thread to the project, although I will also use leftover spools of sewing thread, if they are close enough.