Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sweater Progress

The baby sweater is coming along nicely, but such a slow crocheter I am! I started this sweater two weeks ago and I still have the hood and the 2 sleeves to go. Of course, I am only crocheting here and there when I find time to sit down for a few minutes, so what can I expect?

Several people have commented how this yarn is a dream to work with. I agree! Soft to the touch, this yarn still amazes me how it makes its own stripes. Yes, the pattern is easy. I have only crocheted one other sweater (6 years ago, a different baby sweater with a hat), so this is still fairly new to me. I usually crochet doilies, not garments, and I was a bit nervous about starting this sweater. The pattern is made up mostly of HDC (half-double crochet) stitches and it goes along quickly.

Making this sweater has inspired me to want to make bigger and more complex patterns. Crazy me, it's not like I need another project added to everything else in my busy life! Jessica brought over some beautiful burgundy-colored yarn which will be used for my next project...a sweater for her, if I ever finish this baby sweater. Be patient with me, Jess. Remember, I'm a slow crocheter.



  1. I couldn't finish all that in two weeks! Very pretty!

  2. Beautiful! Crochet almost completely baffles me other than single for edging now and then. I am sure that just as with any other crafty endeavor, speed comes with practice and time so hang in there, it will come!

  3. That will be a precious sweater!

  4. It looks really good to me! I've never tried crocheting before. Is it harder to do than knitting? I've knitted some in the past, but it's been a long time. :-)
    BTW, I enjoyed playing oboe with you today, Mrs. Smith. Sorry for playing so badly though! I'm gonna have to start practicing oboe more! :-)