Saturday, October 07, 2006

Curtain Pictures

Well friends, I finally finished sewing the curtains for my bedroom. Home-dec sewing is not my specialty, and I found all the ironing and sewing of long seams to be extremely boring. But after weeks of procrastinating, I think it was worth it-- we absolutely love how they look in our bedroom!

For these curtains I used Simplicity 5390. I had to shorten it considerable because my windows aren't full length. I also made the top band quite a bit narrower then the pattern piece simply because of the proportions of my windows. I didn't want the band to take up half of the curtain.

I used a white linen fabric that Justin and I picked out together. The length of the curtain is adjusted with matching or contrasting ties. Instead of using fabric ties as the pattern called for, we bought white 7/8" grosgrain ribbon. I really like how the ribbon ties look with the white linen--they add another texture to the overall look.

Now that these curtains are finally done, I am ready to move on to other projects! Mom and I are both making autumn dresser scarves...incidentally we are both using the exact same fabrics--fabrics that we picked out independantly of eachother! Hopefully we'll get them done soon so we can enjoy them for awhile before Thanksgiving....

I'm also working on my wedding album. Last night while Justin was working late I enjoyed several hours of quiet time arranging and re-arranging pictures for pages. I've had the pictures for some time, but I'm just now starting to put them all into the album.

I'm also hoping to start a crochet project soon...a baby blue!



  1. The new curtains are beautiful! Well done.

  2. The curtains are lovely! I agree with you about curtains being rather boring to sew. Somehow long, straight seams on huge pieces of fabric just don't fulfil my creative urge. I'm glad you finished them, though, and I know all the hard work was worth it.


  3. Your curtains are lovely! Very much worth the effort.

  4. Very beautiful! I agree, sewing curtains is a very tedious job--but well worth it when finished!

  5. Those are so lovely! I've never sewn curtains, but my mom has. The ties look very nice with it.

  6. Jessica, You've been busy! The curtains turned out very nice. Are those your new blinds, too, already installed? Way to go, Justin!
    Love you,

  7. I love the way the curtains look! You did a super job.


  8. Wow - so beautiful! They are just right for your windows.

  9. Thanks!

    Yes, Mom, these are the new blinds. I love them...they completely change the room because the light is no longer being filtered through those tan colored blinds. It's brighter now.

  10. Oh definitely worth it - they look great. Just the inspiration I need. We are having 25 windows replaced in our home and I want to make all new window covering (OK not all at once) and the boredom factor definitely has me procrastinating. But the result is so worht it! Well done!

  11. Very pretty window treatments.

  12. I love the window treatments. Looks very nice. I don't do home dec sewing very often because of the boring sewing. You did a great job.