Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Decorating

Last week the holiday bug hit me and I've been feeling like creating, and cooking, and puttering, and nesting in my little house. Saturday we finally broke down and bought the electric fireplace and mantle for out living room that we've wanted for so long. Our living room is so cozy....I love it.

This is my new fall wreath in my eating area. I know it doesn't look the best on the bright green wall, but for right now, that's just the color the wall is, and I live with it.

This little project was so easy to make...and fairly inexpensive. I'd gotten the wreath at a garage sale last summer for $2, and the fake leaves and berries I got at WalMart--3 little bunches at $0.94 each.

First I used some leftover fabric scraps from another project to wind around the wreath (about 1/4 yd). I ripped the strips rather then cutting them to create a ragged look.

Secondly I cut the 3 bunches of leaves and berries apart into individual stems, and then used floral tape to bunch them up separately, 6 little bundles, 3 for each side of the wreath. I laid bundles on the wreath to see where I wanted them to go and then wired them in place, starting with the leaf bundles on the bottom, the orange berries overlapping them, and then the yellow berries on top. To finish I simply wired a big bow in the center and secured a couple leaves in at the top to cover a bare spot.

Justin putting together our mantlepiece for the electric fireplace.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Jessica,
    The wreath came out so pretty. I think I need one for my front door....want to make me one, too?

    love you,

  2. Beautiful wreath! Thanks for sharing the directions on making one. Yours turned out so well.