Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Felt Ornaments

Inspired by Jessica's coasters, my mother and I made felt ornaments while she was visiting us for Thanksgiving. Mom, creative as she is, sketched out simple patterns for our use. We made two of each design, 1/2 for her and 1/2 for me. I also made several ornaments with the 4-H clover to include in gift baskets for our wonderful 4-H leaders.

We are quite the messy crafters, don't you agree?

Making the ornaments with my mother was a lot of fun. I cherish the memories that I have of going to fabric and craft stores with Mom. We used to do so much together when we lived back in Colorado, and I do miss those times! I think my love of sewing and crafting was inherited from Mom. She is so creative! Thanks, Mom. I love you!


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  1. Ruth,

    I love the felt ornaments!!!