Saturday, December 23, 2006

One Project Finished!

I haven't posted in awhile, but I have been busy trying to finish up a bunch of PIGS (Projects in Grocery Sacks).

This shirt I made Katie had been on my sewing table, cut out and ready to sew for over a month. Once I sat down to work on it, it took no time at all. The knotted buttons were the hardest part of the pattern. :-) The only alteration I had to make for Katie was to take some width out of the body of the shirt. I used a Simplicity "It's So Easy" pattern, and honestly, it was very easy.

Whenever I sew for one of my girls I am always afraid that they won't be pleased with the end result. Katie gave me no reason to fear, however; she was thrilled with the way her top came out and the way it fit. The shirt has already been worn on more than one occasion and it really does look nice on Katie.

On to the next pigs...


  1. this is a really cute top! and it does look good on her.

  2. Ruth,

    The shirt looks great on your daughter!!! She sure is blessed to have you sewing for her!!! Hope you have a great Christmas.

  3. I just bought a simplicity so easy pattern so I am glad to hear that is really is easy. I love the top you made- it came out great!

  4. This came out so nice!

    I really like it...can't wait till I can wear cute tops like these again! =)

  5. I like your new shirt Katie! You did a great job on it Mrs Smith!

  6. What a cute shirt!! I love calling your unfinished projects pigs. That is such a cute name!

    Love, Heather