Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resurrection Eggs Craft

This weekend Justin and I put together these "Resurrection Eggs" for our Sunday School class tomorrow.

Each egg holds a special item that tells part of the Easter story. We plan to give each of our kids in Sunday school their own set and use them as we retell the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. These were super fun to pull together and I'm hoping they will hold the kids interest, and make the story come alive to them.

In addition to the items, each egg will also have a piece of paper with the verse the corresponds.

Here's the list if you want to make your own.

1. bread--last supper (Matt. 26:26)
2. 3 dimes--30 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for (Matt. 26:14-15)
3. rope--they bound Jesus (Matt. 27:2)
4. cross--Jesus carried his own cross, until Simon carried it (John 19:17)
5. dice--casting lots for Jesus clothes (John 19:24)
6. sponge with vinegar: what Jesus was given to drink (Matt. 27:34)
7. spear--spear in side (John 19:33-34)
8. cloves/spices--spices that the women were bringing to anoint Jesus on Sunday (Mark 16:1)
9. rock--stone placed in front of tomb was rolled away (John 20:1; Matt. 28:2)
10. linen fabric--used to wrap Jesus…all the was left in the empty tomb, Peter went to look in tomb after he heard (John 20:6-7)
11. nail--nails in hands (John 20:25-29)
12. mini globe--Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20)

Have a blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow. I am so thankful that Jesus is risen, and alive in the world and in my heart today!



  1. What a wonderful idea...!!!

    Hope you had a nice Easter time...

    Best wishes from Germany


  2. How sweet of you to make one for each child to have. That is wonderful. I bought the Ressurection Eggs from Focus on the Family years ago and we would do the eggs with our kids. I hope to some day be able to share this with my grandkids.
    Hope you had a blessed Easter

  3. I'm late commenting, but think this is a wonderful idea. How sweet of you to have a set for each child.

  4. We leave our 12th eggie empty--to symbolize the empty tomb! But the little globe is a great idea, too!

    We also make Resurrection Cookies on Easter Eve, to have on Easter. Here's the link to my recipe:

    God's blessings & richest love...

    Deb in West Virginia