Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ottobre "Cecile Blouse"

Ottobre 03/2009 Design #1 "Cecile Blouse"

When I first saw this pattern in the newest issue of Ottobre, I liked it for the shirring on the front. I've only shirred with elastic thread two times previously, with good results, and so I was excited to make this top.


if you make this pattern, know that there is a discrepancy between the written instructions and the pattern drawing lines for the shirring, and thus avoid the confusion I had.

The instructions say to "stitch the rows of shirring as marked on the pattern" and then, "stitch topmost row of shirring close to the neck edge." The pattern marking show the first row of shirring an inch or so below the neck edge, and that's where I started my shirring. However, the first row of shirring really does need to be close to the neck edge, which I found out when I went to attach the neck binding. To fix the problem, I ran a gathering row of stitches close to the neckline before attaching the neck binding. This helped, but there is an area right under the neckband that is gathered puffy instead of tightly like the shirring below.

I added a ribbon bow to the center front, partly to cover up the lack of shirring at that spot, but also because I felt the top needed a bit of pizazz. I really wanted to put a big red flower button there, but after searching for one in 3 stores, I gave up and added the ribbon. The fabric for the top is a jersey knit from Hobby Lobby.

The red shorts are design #7 from the 03/2008 Ottobre issue, and I have made them one other time in pink camo fabric. These red shorts are made from red twill and topstitched with white upholstery thread.

I have another play outfit and one more church dress planned for Emily, and then I want to do some sewing for my older girls and for me. We'll see how it goes. Now that school is about finished for the summer I hope to have more time to sew.


  1. She looks very sweet in this outfit. I like the shirring in the front as well. It's a nice touch.

  2. AnonymousMay 16, 2009

    That is so cute.

  3. That outfit is very cute!

  4. Such sweetie in her new cute outfit.

  5. So cute - Unfortunately no little girls here.


  6. I saw the same thing on the neck edge --- so I also ran a row of gathering, but I tried to make sure that the gathering stitches were both the same length and lined up the same as the shirring stitches below --- so my "puffy gathering" area lies more or less in matching "pleats" --- in other words -- it looks like it "belongs" to the shirred area below LOL! (Think of smocking -- if you do -- you know how you need another line of gathering thread above your design to hold the pleats for attaching to whatever they'll be attached to? -- same idea)

  7. AnonymousMay 17, 2009

    So cute!

    I FINALLY ordered my subscription to Ottobre!!!! I am soo excited and can't wiat to get my first issue and start picking out great things to make!!!

    THanks for the tips on this shirt too!

    Captain Momma

  8. Aww, totally cute! These outfits are getting cuter and cuter.

  9. I have given you an award. Please go to my blog to get it.