Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wonderland Pillows

The first bit of my birthday fabric has been cut into! Fabric is from the Wonderland line by MoMo. I LOVE it!

Piping was a new technique for me. I don't know if I did the the "right" way or not, but I got it on! I actually made my own piping by taking one of those packs of bias binding sitting around that I never use and sewing cord (well actually I cheated and just used jute because I didn't have any cord) into the fold of it to create my own piping. It worked pretty good.

I would not recommend jute if you can find something better because it isn't all the exact same the piping feels thicker and thinner in spots. Also, it was rather stiff and wiry, so it made the corners slightly difficult. But, in a pinch, it works!

These look so good in my living room, but they were actually a gift for my wonderful sis, Katie. She's been revamping my old room into a really cool, modern, college girl room. The walls are light blue from when I lived at home, and she is working with that and doing everything in pale blue, red, charcoal, and chocolate brown. It looks really good...much better then when I lived there and tried to make it all shabby chic.



  1. Wonderful pillows and such a nice gift. This is some of my favorite quilting fabric.

  2. Love that butterfly fabric. Gorgeous pillows.

  3. Jessica,
    Nice job on the piping! That is something I want to try this summer. Was it hard? What did you use to learn how to put the piping on? Did you have a pattern, or tutorial? I am sure it's probably harder than I am making it out to be.

    I used to have a fear of sewing zippers, but not anymore. Maybe once I do piping, I won't fear that anymore.

  4. Beautiful! I'm in love with that fabric too!