Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pictures from the Dustbowl

Wow, I had so much fun at the Dustbowl Arts Market! The organizers did such a good job with the whole show, the weather was perfect, and there were lots of people out and about! The whole experience was such a great learning experience for me, and I'm so glad I took the risk to try it. I got to meet lots of other talented artists, and it was so much fun to interact with everyone who came by and it felt so good to see that some of them even loved my stuff!

I had lots of fun getting my booth together. Here it is from the front. Overall I was able to pull it together very inexpensively. I borrowed my tent from my in-laws, I bought one green sheet ($7) for a table cloth and borrowed the rest from Mom. My banners were made from the printable letters at Allsorts blog. The pink crates came from wal-Mart on sale, $2.50 each. My quilt racks were an awesome garage sale find--$0.50 each!

Mom and Katie came to hang out with me for the day...when they arrived we hung Emily's quilt up on the right side of the booth. It looked so lovely and just completed my booth!

I was really disappointed that none of my baby quilts sold, but I think that it wasn't the right market for higher pricier items. I had lots of compliments, but no serious buyers for the quilts.

Yum yum. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Please take one!

A platter full of designer burp clothes!

I hung a line of twine from the tent poles to hang a few of baby bibs and appliqued onsies on. The rest were just placed on the table below. I put my chenille backed blankets in the pink crates.
I still have a good selection of blankets, quilts, bibs and burp clothes left. Keep an eye on my etsy shop. In the next few weeks I'll be listing lots of baby gift sets!



  1. How lovely...

    I like your stuff... but too bad, that my children are too old for your cute quilts and bibs...

    Kind regards


  2. Jessica,
    Your booth looked great! My children are older too, but if I was at that fair, I would of definitely stopped by your booth. Everything looks great right down to your name banner.
    Did you have calling cards on your table? Folks might not of bought that day, but they might think of you later when they need a gift to give.

  3. Your booth is beautiful, and all of things you've made are beautiful. I'm so sorry that the baby quilts didn't sell after you've worked so hard. Probably just the economy. People not wanting to spend much money. I guess if they never sell, you could either give them away as baby shower gifts or give them to your grandbabies as they are born.

  4. Jess---you forgot to mention that you sold a ton of bibs and burp rags and good number of blankets. Just not the quilts. I had a lot of fun being there with you that day, and I'm glad it went well. Love you!

  5. The booth looks fab, glad it went well. Too bad about the quilts!

  6. How do you make your burp cloths? I have 12 prefold diapers that I want to turn into cute burp clothes, but I'm not sure how to do it and I need some cheap ideas.

  7. your booth looks great! so full and colorful. I am not surprised you sold lots of stuff.

  8. Wow! I can't believe you gave homemade cookies away.

  9. Cute! I like the clothes line idea!

  10. Very cute booth, you did a great job!

  11. Your stand is lovely! I loved the banner! I hope you had fun!

  12. great pictures...nice set up...!!thanks

  13. Everything looks lovely. I hope you got good sales and that your things continue to sell on your Etsy. You do beautiful work.