Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God knows how to make me feel loved...

Look what He gave me on Sunday, via two sweet older ladies from church?  This made my day!! 

These ladies had a big bag of extra minky pieces and a big box of fleece pieces...for me!  Most are 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard, full width. 

Any good project ideas for the fleece? 

I picked a reader for the Cloth magazine. It's Adin from It's Sewtastic!  I love her sewing blog, by the way...definitely full of creativity and craftiness!

 FINALLY, I got a picture of Marie and I in our matching jackets.  I LOVE that we match...hehe!



  1. You both looked so cute together! You sure match! How sweetie. Thank you so much for letting me know about the Cloth Mag giveaway! Yoho! I am excited! :)

  2. Whoa! Can you introduce me to your lady friends at church? What a gift!! (drool drool!)

  3. I make polar fleece slippers as gifts sometimes. Here's how I do it:

  4. Make some loveys or taggy baby blankies, in patchwork and ribbons, just a thought!

  5. So adorable, your photo and the fabric. What about a patchwork baby quilt or baby jacket.

  6. Awesome jackets! I'm feeling the fleece quit, too. How snuggly for a little one!

  7. Oh the fleece is cozy and nice colors too.

    I'd make little bed pillows, and use the fleece for pillow covers (cases. My mother gave me one years ago when I had my surgery (yes still a survivor, Yeah Me!. They were made by the hospital auxillery to sell at their annual fair. My mother was a nurse (old school, good beside manner. Mine came with two cases, it is about 13X8".

    I am still using it. At first I used it to hold against my lower abdomin after surgery so I didn't feel like I was falling apart while healing. Now I use it behind my neck while reading, on planes, to prop my grandson on his side, good for everything. Mine is cotton but the more I think of cozy fleece the more I want to make my own with my fleece scraps!

  8. I vote for the slippers. You know, Mom's Day is coming up. ;)

  9. Wow! So lucky to get all that beautiul material. You could make some fun baby quilts with all that! Lovein your blog!