Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Bonnie Skirt

I should be sewing the bridesmaid dress, but I haven't dared cut into the satin fabric yet. Instead, I decided to make a quick and easy skirt for myself. Quick and easy, ha---not. Who in their right mind can call working with plaid fabric quick or easy? So, I spent way too much time sewing this skirt and I've postponed the bridesmaid dress until another day. (Hopefully not the day before the wedding, right?)

But the skirt is finished, and I must say, I love it! I love the purple plaid fabric, and I love the style of the skirt. Here's a brief run-down of the can read more details on Pattern Review if you're into that kind of thing (like me).

Ottobre Woman 5/2010, design #9, the "Bonnie" skirt

Sizes included:

34-52 (I made the size 36.)

Design details:
curved waistband

front zipper and fly shield
belt loops

inverted pleats

Okay, my next post should be about the bridesmaid dress. :-)

Happy sewing,



  1. Ruth, The skirt is beautiful! I really like the purple plaid fabric. Matching plaids intimidates me even more than sewing with satin!;-)

  2. It's beautiful! The nice thing about making yourself a plaid anything is that the plaid will match...when you buy plaid readymade it never matches! (unless, of course, it is a high-end brand name).

  3. Very nice skirt!! The style looks great on you.

  4. OMG you are an excellent seamstress!!

  5. What a great skirt! It looks great on you and when I first looked I thought it was one of your daughters!

  6. I love your purple plaid skirt!

  7. Ruth,

    What a super cute skirt and outfit!!!
    Hope y'all have a merry christmas!

    Love, Heather

  8. Great skirt, the plaid is so pretty and you did a fantastic job.

  9. That fabric is lovely! I love purple!

  10. It's a beautiful outfit and that deep purple is really a good color for you.

  11. I just love your whole outfit. What a pretty plaid fabric and flattering skirt design. Very nice!

  12. Beautiful skirt! Love the fabric and you look lovely!

  13. Beautiful job Ruth!!! I love the purple plaid as well. Very nice colour on you!

    Happy bridesmaid sewing and a very Merry Christmas to you :)

    Captain Momma

  14. The skirt is adorable. Very nice job!