Saturday, June 30, 2012

Only Old Ladies Wear Shawls

Not really.  Young ladies, middle-aged ladies, old ladies, and all ages in between, before, and beyond can wear shawls.  (I never know what to title my posts!)  Now, to be honest, I have never worn a shawl in my life.  I remember wearing ponchos when I was a girl, and once I had a beloved fleece cape that my mom made when I was ten.  But I just finished knitting my first shawl!  And I'm not even old yet.  And I'm going to wear it. Someday.


Yes, my Mystery Shawl is finished, and here it is in all its glory!

On the blocking table:
Blocked measurements are 48"x20".

And a close-up:

If you frequent Ravelry, you probably have seen all the lovely shawls.  The models all look so graceful, like they're ready to take flight in this pose I tried to imitate. 

Yet here I am, managing to just look silly.  It doesn't help that it's 100 degrees outside, my hair is in a weird-strange-hoykey-doykey-get-me-off-my-neck-cuz-it's-hot mode, and I just about got a charlie horse in my arm trying to pose so gracefully.  Yeah. I just look silly. 

But it's okay.  Because I love this shawl.  I love that I finished it and that I learned so much while knitting it.  Thanks to Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops for designing the pattern.  I enjoyed this knit-along very much.  

Remember I told you about the stitch markers I made?  Be watching for another post about them--I am going to give away one dozen beaded stitch markers to one lucky reader.  :)



  1. I love it! And I think your comments about posing were hilarious.

    Can't wait to see a more detailed picture of your stitch markers!

  2. The shawl turned out beautifully!

  3. What a beautiful shawl!

  4. This turned out beautifully! I'm sure you will find just the right occasion to wear it or maybe you can display it somehow.

  5. Such a gorgeous shawl. Show it off as often as you can :) Happy 4th!

  6. A beautiful shawl indeed! Enjoy it!

  7. An absolutely beautiful shawl so perfectly knitted and I am pleased that I have found another shawl maker out there somewhere!! Thank you for your kind comment too!!