Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Swimsuit Worth Repeating: Ottobre 02/04

This was my baby in 2009 when she was 4 
and wearing the swimsuit I made then.

And here is my baby, now 7.

Yes, the swimsuit is almost the same.  The same fabric, same pattern, but a few size bigger and this time without the ruffle on the tankini top.

The pattern:  Ottobre (of course!) 04/02, Summer issue
The top is design #20 in a size 122, modified from a one-piece into a tankini.  The shorts are design #35 in size 128.

The fabric is the same at Emily's request.  This girl likes purple.  :)


Since I did not have any purple thread for my coverstitch machine, I simply used a zigzag stitch to apply the elastic.  I stitched the elastic first to the wrong side of the fabric and then turned it under and stitched from the top side, slightly stretching the elastic as I stitched.  Using a zigzag (or other stretch stitch) and stretching the elastic gives the seams an elasticity which is a must for swimwear.

True confession:  I have enough of this fabric that I can probably make yet another swimsuit!  I wonder if Emily will still like it in another few years?  Probably not.... One of my granddaughters may just get a purple swimsuit someday. :)

Happy sewing,


  1. Very cute swimsuit but not as cute as your daughter! :)

  2. Love the swimsuit! It looks great on her.:)

  3. The swimsuit looks great!!! It's good to know that a zig zag stitch works with the elastic. Thanks for linking up @Threading My Way.