Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bucket Hats and Babies

Too Hats
Two Babies
Too Big

The hats are too big.  Good thing babies grow, right?

Thinking they might need some protection from the hot Oklahoma sun this summer, I made two bucket hats for my 2 grandsons.  I don't yet have pictures of the redhead, Grayson, wearing his hat, but it was too big.  The size smaller was too big on the little one, Trey.  

Oh, but aren't these babies just adorable?!  This Grammie sure thinks so.

  First Fight?

The bucket hat pattern is free from Oliver+S, and it is reversible.  It comes in several sizes, from baby to big kid.  It was an easy pattern and fun to sew.  I discovered that I do need to add some "boy" fabric to my stash; I have next to nothing suitable for boys.  



  1. Oh yeah, those are cute babies!! Cute hats too!!

  2. So cute! I love the punching one with the two arms frantically intervening!

    Those noggins will be big melons before you know it and then the hats will fit just fine. But I feel your pain- it's so hard to know how small to make them. You want them to fit but at the same time want to get a few months out of them.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! So fun to have cousins around the same age. Enjoy them!

  4. What a pair of gorgeous little'uns :)

    I'm sure that they'll fill their hats in no time. Best for them to be too big 'eh!

    Gem x (EDiS)

  5. Too cute! I love bucket hats - I always had them on my kids when they were little and I still wear one when out in the sun. :)

  6. Cute hats, and adorable little guys! It's bittersweet when kids outgrow the little patterns, so how fun is it to be able to sew for grandkids?!

  7. Thank you for the link to the bucket hat pattern! The babies are adorable.