Monday, June 10, 2013

Polo Shirt Resized for Tiny Daughter

My daughter is volunteering at the hospital this summer and was issued a size small polo shirt.  She was drowning in the size small; such a teeny little 17 year old!  

Enter Sewing Mom to the rescue! 

This is one good reason I'm glad I know how to sew.  Now I just need to teach Tiny Daughter how to sew.

 The Before Shirt:
(You can't tell but there are a good 12 inches of fabric tucked into her slacks).

And The After Shirt:


  1. I have that problem all the time when I get standard shirts. I love the new shirt. So cute.

  2. Great job, Mom, vast improvement.

  3. Great job! And you can't even tell it's been altered. So very talented :)

  4. Now, that is a major improvement!