Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Flat Cat

If you've never heard of
Flat Stanley, then this post will probably not make much sense to you. :-)

Last week I went to the Happy Cat Yarn Shop for the first time. Let me tell you, what an experience that was! First of all, it was a pleasure to the senses to walk in and see the wide array of yarn with all its colors, textures, and scents (yes, yarn has a marvelous scent). I can't even begin to describe the decor of the shop---kind of retro 70's, I think. But what I enjoyed the most was seeing the largest selection of sock yarns in one place that I've ever seen before.

This yarn shop has its very own cat.... Flat Cat or F.C. for short. And guess what? Just like Flat Stanley travels around the world, F.C. took his first trip when he came home with me. What makes that so nice is that I get to visit the yarn shop again this week when I take F.C. back! I'll try not to buy anymore sock yarn.

F.C. has had a great week with us, full of adventure and new experiences. Here's a look at his week:

Wednesday: F.C. gets in the car for his first trip.

Thursday: F.C. makes music at the homeschool band.

Friday: F.C. casts on for a pair of socks.

Saturday: F.C. makes a new friend.

Sunday: F.C. enjoys the daffodils.

Monday: F.C. finishes his socks.

Tuesday: F.C. says goodbye to his new friends.

Goodbye, Flat Cat! We'll miss you.


  1. rofl too funny. he's a cute kitty thouhg :)

  2. I told Justin that we are going to have to go to that yarn shop just so he can see the decor! It was pretty wild.

    Wow, you got the catagories all set up! Awesome! They look great. Was it a lot of work?

  3. Ruth,

    The Flat Cat is a riot!!! I have heard of Flat Stanley and most recently, Flat Dads and Flat Moms (military parents away from home). Looks like you treated the kitty well....the socks are great!!!

  4. LOLOL, I love Flat Cat! I am familiar with Flat Stanley and Flat Cat is just too funny!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. do you have any idea how the flat cat was made? My daughter left her cat here when she moved with her family to Sicily. It would be fun to "send" her cat to her.
    I made tons of baby socks for my new grandson, now 8 months old. Fun and fast. I love seeing them on him in pictures - Sicily is so awfully far away!

  6. Granny, Flat cat was basically made of thick cardboard. I just did a google search and found a place where you could purchase one just like the one I had for about $8.50. Email me at sewchicblog(at)gmail(dot)com if you want more info. Your profile is not public so I could not respond directly to you.