Friday, March 30, 2007

Knitting for Babies

Elliot looks so adorable in the sweater and booties I knit for him. Jessica said he did not like wearing the matching hat. Boys are funny that way. I couldn’t write about this sweater set while I was working on it or when it was finished because Jessica didn’t know about it. She was surprised when I gave it to her at Elliot’s baby shower when he was 4 weeks old.

Other than socks, this was the first “real” project that I’ve ever knit, and by far the biggest. This was the project that made me really begin to love knitting. To watch the sweater unfold row by row as I knit was wonderful. To think that I really could knit after years in the past thinking I’d only be able to crochet—that was exciting! (Next I want to knit another sweater in a toddler size. I'm working my way up to an adult sweater).

The pattern for the baby set came from a Leisure Arts leaflet. It seemed a complicated pattern for me at first, but after a few false starts it knit up quickly. One thing that I wish somebody could show me how to do is sew the seams. I read about and experimented with various kinds of seaming methods, including the “mattress” stitch, but in the end I was not totally satisfied with my seams. I have decided that next time I knit a sweater I will knit in the round, even if the pattern calls for flat knitting. That is, unless somebody can give me a lesson in seaming….

From the same Leisure Arts booklet, but a different pattern, I also knit a bonnet and booties for a good friend of mine whose baby is 2 weeks older than Elliot. I added furry yarn to the edge of the bonnet and booties, and Abby looks sweet as can be wearing it. I also made a girly, pink quilt for Abby, but again, that will be another post for another day.



  1. Awwww, both sets look sooo good!!! And the the babies look so cute and sweet! Great Job!

  2. Babies and knitwear look so adorable! You did a great job on the knitting!

    As for the seaming, my LYS offers a one-hour class in seaming. You bring in your finished garment (minus the seams of course), and they show you how to get the results you want. Of course, there is a charge for this. Perhaps your LYS would have something similar? If not, you can always ask. I think that people who work in yarn shops generally want to help people as much as possible!

  3. Ruth, Your knitting is wonderful!! One of these days I am going to attempt something like this. ;o)

    Did you receive the package that I sent?

    Love, Heather

  4. Ruth,

    Everything is gorgeous! You have been busy!!!

    As for seaming knits....I highly recommend the book by Nancie Wiseman called "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques." I keep it in my knitting bag most of the time and I never start seaming a project without it. Since finding this book, I actually enjoy seaming knits!! Crazy, I know!!

  5. Happy birthday Mrs. S! I hope your day is simply amazing!!


  6. Thank you for all the nice comments and for the suggestions about seaming knit items. You all are so encouraging!