Sunday, December 09, 2007

As Random As It Gets

Okay, Jess. You (and Ginny and Tami) asked, so here goes. Random things about myself. Very random. Boring. :-)

1. My mom had 7 children and I have 7 children.

2. I am learning to play the oboe....started as an adult never having played any instrument before. I love it! I take oboe lessons for the first time in my life.

3. I like Sudoku puzzles. One a day, at the least. is great.

4. My 2GB Ipod Nano is not big enough. I enjoy listening to audio books, podcasts, and of course, music. (I prefer using speakers, not headphones).

5. I am a night owl. Reformation isn't possible--I've tried.

6. My favorite Christmas music is Handel's Messiah. The whole thing.

7. I love to sew. Oh, is that one obvious? Okay, how about, I don't like to cook?

8. Dark chocolate is absolutely the bomb. Love the stuff!

Now for some cuteness-- This is Emily reading Christmas books from the Christmas book bag that only comes out one month a year.



  1. I just commented on your skirt entry, thought I'd say "way to go" on learning the oboe. Other than being a SAHM, I teach violin lessons to youngsters. Good for you to pursue music now as an adult!

  2. Hello,

    I see this post is from 2007 but I'll comment anyway. Are you still playing the oboe? Last year I started learning the violin which I am finding quite challenging. So I'm encouraged to hear about you learning an instrument as an adult.
    Is the oboe difficult?