Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We've been tagged!

Ginny from A Crafter's Chronology tagged us with the "8 Things We Didn't Know About You" meme several weeks ago, and Tami from September's Bride tagged us to post 7 random things about ourselves. How about I post 8 random things that you don't know about me. Can I cover both bases at once?

Here we go!

1. I grew up in Colorado, and can still feel the crunch of pine needles under my feet when I imagine walking through a forest.

2. Once, when I was going through my edible flower stage, I served ice cubes with johnny-jump-ups frozen in them at a tea party. I think I was the only one who thought that was cool.

3. I hope you know this about me by now, but I love Jesus Christ, and walking in a right relationship with him is one of the most important things in my life.

4. Can I share one about my hubby? He drinks coffee in the shower. How crazy is that?

5. One of my best friends as a kid was my cat, Winnie Pooh. That poor cat got cried on and hugged on a lot. Winnie Pooh also used to correspond with my cousin's cat Taffy. They loved getting letters from each other!

6. I eat sour cream on everything and anything. Right now I seriously love the stuff. I bought two containers of it this week. Yummy!

7. Sewing my wedding dress was a huge dream of mine, and sometimes I can't believe I actually did it!

8. Right now I weigh 5 lbs less than I did before I got pregnant. That feels nice. =)

Ok, Mom, it's your turn!!


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