Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rainy Day Paper Ornaments

Right now Oklahoma is going though a major power outage crisis due to a heavy ice storm that hit early yesterday morning. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power... our electricity has been out since 7am yesterday, and we spent last night here at my parents' home. So far they still have power, but even in the event that it goes out, they have a large woodstove that can heat the house comfortably. It pays to be prepared here in Oklahoma, as this seems to happen fairly often.

Last night was the perfect time to try out these festive paper ornaments with the kids. A tutorial can be found HERE at Design*Sponge. These are super fun, and easy enough for even grade schoolers to make. We made bunches and bunches, and had enough to hang them in the entry way and in the computer room.

This last picture is of a bunch of cards Katie and I made this afternoon. Mom has a stash of vintage Christmas wrapping paper samples from the 60's and we used some of it to make notecards and package tags. I love the retro colors and all the glitter. Oh my! I love them almost too much to use!

Have a very merry Christmas!


  1. Your ornaments are LOVELY!

  2. I wondered how y'all were doing. Up near my inlaws there are two little towns that will not have power until the spring! I hope that all is well there now.

    The ornaments are very cute.

    Love, Heather

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  4. the decorations + cards look great!

    you're one of my 50+ holiday giveaway winners.

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