Monday, May 05, 2008

Pod Posey Skirt

The Posey Skirt is finished!

On to the details: I used Michael Miller's "Pod Posey" fabric and Kwik Sew pattern #3372 in a size medium. I really like the shaped yoke band of this skirt because of its good fit. This pattern could be sewn up in many variations, and I plan to make it again.

Kwik Sew 3372

My tall son took the pictures of me, and I think his angle makes me look a bit like a munchkin. :-)

Last week I found this green blouse on the clearance rack and bought it, taking a chance that it would match the green in the skirt fabric. I think it matches just about right...what do you think?

The brown tee in this next picture is Kwik Sew pattern #2694, modified. I changed the wrap front to a plain front, but I kept the mid-bodice seam. I don't think you can see the details in the picture, but I used my coverstitch machine to topstitch.

Kwik Sew 2694

I don't have any immediate plans for my next sewing project. The next few weeks will be occupied by graduations and graduation parties. I need to get out of my sewing room and off the computer and spend some time cleaning the house. Any volunteers helpers? I need you!



  1. Very cute - both skirt and top. I may have to get those patterns. I love the print fabric!

  2. That is a darling skirt, Ruth. I like both tops, too. I am in the same graduation theme, I have been spring-cleaning a room a night after I get home from work. Good luck with your cleaning.

  3. What pretty outfits, Ruth. You do lovely work.
    I'm going to check-out the Kwik Sew skirt pattern. It's looks great on you!

  4. Ruth,
    The skirt came out beautiful with the fabric you had shown in a previous post. I think the green shirt matches wonderfully and no, you don't look like a munchkin. You look fabulous!

  5. Mom, I love the's very you, even though it's bright and funky, and the green blouse is perfect...I love the style.

    See you guys Saturday!

  6. Fabulous..both the skirt and top!

    BTW, enjoy the Pro-Weft Interfacing...out of all of our sewing supply products, it's my personal favorite!

    Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~

  7. Great skirt! I'm glad you found me. It's always nice to know there are other Oklahomans sewing and smocking!

    Shannon F

  8. Cute, cute skirt, and the shirt matches it wonderfully! :)

  9. Great outfit! Love the skirt fabric and the matching top is great!