Thursday, May 01, 2008

Totally Non-Sewing Related

Today for lunch, we met Justin at the park here and had a picnic! Elliot enjoyed his cottage cheese, lunch meat, and cheddar cheese. He wouldn't touch the bread. Sometimes we simply can't figure this kid out! Most days he won't eat anything else if we offer him bread! I had heard about how picky toddlers can be, but boy, did we get a picky one!

Pretty soon he's going to be walking on his own!

I don't talk much about shopping and all that here (after all, it is a sewing blog), but today's trip to CVS was such a blast that I felt like sharing. I got everything below for only $2.30, and most of it was stuff we really needed and would have to buy soon at WalMart anyway.

Cvs has a really great extrabucks program that pays you to shop (you can find out more about it HERE), Today I spent $32 in extra bucks, but I got back $34 for next time; after my coupons, I paid $2.30 out of pocket, and I got all of this stuff to use and share with other people. Good stuff.

Got to go!


  1. aww!

    Elliot is so cute. I love this post, Jess!

  2. I love Elliot's bib. May I ask who makes them/who sells them?
    Thanks so much. Looks perfect for my grandbabies. Elaine

  3. Hi Elanie,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Elliot's bib doesn't have a brand name on it...I found it on ebay by doing a search for "plastic scoop bib". Baby Bjorn does make a similar plastic scoop bib, but they are pretty expensive. Try ebay, because I couldn't find anything like them in any retail shops here.

    Plastic bibs like these are the best because they wipe down so easily and catch all liquids and foods! I don't use any other bibs anymore.

  4. Thanks Jessica, I'll check ebay. My daughter's two year old does pretty good even without a bib but the one year old is another matter!!!