Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sewing in the Red

Seeing Red

While my sewing machine, serger, and coverstitch machine had red thread on them I decided to sew up 1.5 yards of red cotton/lycra knit.
I was able to get five items out of the yardage---all in red!

On the left: Kwik Sew 2419; Capri length leggings for Ellen
to wear under her dresses

On the right: Kwik Sew 2418; Ankle length leggings for Emily
to wear with the plaid jumper I previously made

Kwik Sew 2875; Camisole for Ellen to layer under other tops or dresses

Kwik Sew 2411; The front and back of two panties for Emily

One last thing I sewed this week:
A fuzzy fleecy cape for Emily in gray and yes, red!
I used my coverstitch machine with the "wrong" side of the
stitch facing out to create the contrast on each seam.

Yea! Now I am going to straighten my sewing room, change the thread
on all my machines to black or navy blue, and then
start sewing up the 18-Piece Dress that I cut out last week!!!!

happy sewing,


  1. Great job, Ruth, you have been very busy.

  2. Wonderful work! I'm still on a learning curve with my coverhems. My work definitely doesn't look like yours yet!

  3. Lovely work! I love the cape!

  4. OOHH i love the cape!!! So cute!!!

  5. The cape for your daughter is so cute. I want to make one for me!

  6. Your sewing is soooo professional! I honestly don't know how you do such beautiful work. Wait a minute, I think I do know. It's God given! I enjoy your (Jessica, too) blog so much. Debbie WV

  7. Great idea, and you know you will need and want all that red in months to come. Love the cape.

  8. I frequently do the same thing - sew up one color queue, then change thread and move it. It gives a real feeling of accomplishment, doesn't it?

  9. Wow, you are amazing! Everything looks wonderful.

  10. OMGosh did I miss this post? Hooray for all you made. AND...the cape is just TOO FABULOUS!!!!!

    Do stop by and see what I've been up to at ~Off The Cuff Style~