Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ear Flap Hat for Emmy

Yesterday I knit a hat for Emily, and yes, she even kept it on long enough for me to take a few pictures of her. I enjoyed this quick project---being able to work on something and actually finish it was quite satisfying to me. Isn't Emmy adorable, dirty face and all? It was hilarious how Emmy went from crying to smiling in less than a minute while the pictures were being snapped.


For this hat I adapted a pattern from www.cidermoon.com. The pattern is not sized for toddlers, so I experimented as I knit, making it smaller. For Emmy's hat I started with a cast-on of 63 stitches. I think I should have made it slightly bigger.


  1. Aww! Emmy's hat turned out lovely, Mom! She's such a funny kid...

  2. Ruth,

    Your Emily is absolutely adorable!!!! I think she likes her new hat. Would you be willing to share the source of your pattern?

  3. Thanks for the link Ruth!!! I'd like to make one for Ethan this winter.


  4. Emmy is gorgeous and so is her hat, Mom! Great Job!