Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Library Sale Finds

Check out the books I found at my library's annual used book sale!

I have always loved books, and library sales are an excellent way to build one's book collection. We spent $6 and got 11 books--these sewing ones and 4 others that Justin picked out. Here are my sewing finds.

The Sewing for Children and the Sewing Jackets books will be good references as I work on stuff in the future. I have almost no sewing reference books of my own, so I was excited! The Stretch and Sew book is pretty dated, but it still looks like it has some very good info about sewing with knits in it. I got it just in time for me to sew some knit maternity shirts. I have 3 knit fabrics in the dryer right now, prewashed and almost ready to go!

These booklets are just a few that I thought would be fun to do something with someday...nothing planned right now. I learned to crochet using a similar looking book from Mom, so I figure that when I decide to learn to knit, this booklet would be a good one to start with. Someday I might want to crochet a doily, and one can always use cute teddy bear patterns, right?

This is a newer craft book with some of the sweetest inspirations and cutest craft ideas. I'm going to enjoy reading it, and doing some of the crafts with my little sisters, and my own girls someday.



  1. Look like great finds to me! That last one looks really good.

  2. Oh how wonderful! I love library book sales. I have found some great sewing/craft/cooking books myself at these sales also. You got some great deals plus you helped out the library. Enjoy your treasures!

  3. Jessica...What nice books! And the only one that I have is the Singer sewing for children book. The Mothers and Daughters at Home book wants to come live with me for awhile....
    Love you, Honey!